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Joseph ODierno, Buffalo

Business & Entrepreneurship

Joseph Odierno of Buffalo, New York, is a seasoned business professional who aspires to continue growing his company through industry-affiliated relationships and strategies.

Currently the CEO of Asset Recovery Bureau LLC, Joseph lends over a decade of experience to his managerial role, confidently managing over 25 employees. Because of having started this company from the ground up, many of its successes were brought to fruition through Joseph’s dedicated work ethic, much of which was learned through his time in residential sales. 

Throughout his sales career, Joseph spent 8+ years presenting HVAC systems solutions and maximizing business opportunities through his funneled approach. Joseph C. Odierno of Buffalo ensured that these contracts were completed as needed, increased sales potential, and strategically portrayed the company’s products and services in a method that would best maximize sales. He became an excellent representative of the company and continued to grow his leadership skills and admiration for business growth. 

Upon applying that to his current role, Joseph has seen much positive growth, having increased revenue to $200,000+ a month with low overhead. This has taken a strategic sales approach that Joseph has dedicated much time towards, but he also understands the overarching business aspects that lend themselves to this continual growth, such as company training, state compliance, and a committed financial plan.

Joseph Odierno, a Buffalo-based business owner, has set his sights on both long and short-term goals for his company, with his intensive and ambitious plans paying off. Through a concentrated look into his company’s underperforming processes, Joseph has also been able to reduce stagnation and increase productivity. His efforts towards supporting a healthy company culture have motivated his employees and created a motivated workplace in which all are excited to contribute to group objectives.

Joseph’s management experience spans various industries, from manufacturing to his current profession. His talents include employee management, inventory tracking, profit and loss accounting, client reporting, and all business financial operations. Joseph C. Odierno of Buffalo began his managerial career when he studied Business Management at Erie Community College. This educational experience sparked his interest in leadership and has led him to pursue various opportunities. 

In his current role, Joseph is proud to see his company thriving in the constantly changing world of recovery, using a mix of technology and traditional methods to help consumers resolve outstanding obligations. Through his experience in entrepreneurship, Joseph is a firm believer that America’s economic environment allows all prospective entrepreneurs and other aspiring professionals to pursue their dreams through hard work and dedication.

In his free time, Joseph Odierno of Buffalo enjoys watching football, fast cars, going boating, spending time outdoors, and making time for his family. His spare time might include various hobbies, but he also utilizes free time in his schedule to learn more about the economic environment and how it impacts his business.

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Joseph Odierno Buffalo

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