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Joseph Odierno Buffalo

Referrals matter in business, and asking for them is a brilliant idea. A referral comes from a happy, loyal customer who receives a benefit when mentioning the company to a friend or family member. Creating a referral plan can be a great marketing strategy that works independently.

How to Be Referred

Aside from creating an incentivized plan, there are some simple courtesies that all business owners should express. These simple habits are small gestures, but they can mean a lot to customers.

  • Always be polite, and treat all customers fairly. This is going to create an excellent reputation because customers love kindness. They will recommend kindness almost every single time.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for a referral. This does not have to be very formal, but mentioning it to the customer to tell their friends and family might be a great reminder. 
  • Earn great online reviews, and encourage loyal customers to write them. This is free advertising that comes from the perspective of real customers.

Why Customers Are Essential for Marketing

Aside from running ads online and keeping social media updated daily, a huge part of marketing comes from customers referring other people to the company. They will recommend a great business if the customer service is excellent and the products or services exceed expectations.

As long as the quality is prioritized in the way the employees work, the business can expect to get these loyal customer referrals. Adding an incentivized referral program can also do a lot to boost these numbers. Depending on the company, each method will work differently.

Marketing is essential for any business, and creating a great referral program that will entice customers to spread the word is a win-win situation. They receive benefits while the company has an influx of new customers.